Goodbye VPNC, hello Shrew VPN Client

I have been having a hell of a time with reliability of VPNC.

I have spent a lot of time lately trying to understand why sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work.

I have decided to try a different VPN client – Shrew VPN Client for Linux. I had to compile it from source on my Linux Mint 15 laptop, but it worked flawlessly.

I followed the instructions below.

The only differences were I had to install flex and bison as well.

So the steps were:

1) cd /usr/local/src ; sudo wget

2) sudo apt-get install cmake libqt4-core libqt4-dev libqt4-gui libedit-dev libssl-dev checkinstall flex bison

3) sudo tar jxpvf ike-2.2.1-release.tbz2 ; cd ike


5) sudo checkinstall -y

6) sudo cp /etc/iked.conf.sample /etc/iked.conf

7) sudo iked

8) qikea

9) Import my pcf file

10) Change the policy to configure split tunnel

11) Use ikec to execute from command line:

ikec -r “XXXX-Corp” -u first.last -p mypassword -a &

And low and behold works really well so far