Sorry Shrew, back to VPNC I go!

Shrew VPN does not seem to handle Cisco 2 factor authentication, specifically the “Next Token Code”.   See my previous post …. Goodbye VPNC, hello Shrew VPN Client

Whereas VPNC handles it quite nicely (from the command line)

I even integrated a bit of expect and zenity to prompt me for my next token from my phone.

set password "MyPassword"
set token [exec zenity --entry --title "VPN" --text "Soft Token" --hide-text]

set timeout -1
match_max 100000

spawn sudo vpnc --local-port 0 /etc/vpnc/corp.vpnc

expect "Enter password for"
send "$token\r";

expect "Password for VPN"
send "$password\r";

expect "Connect Banner:"