Migrating from mythtv to tvheadend

Over the years i have become increasingly annoyed at the various instabilities with mythtv when used with Kodi.  Live tv often would lock up the client even after i moved kodi to separate machine.  And the speed at which it would load a live channel was never that good. I never used most of the features in mythtv.

I think mythtv developers should be focused more on being a wonderful dvr and less on all the weird addons like music bluray player voip etc.  I think it would be good if they also made kodi support a priority

I have transitioned to tvheadend running on a pi 2.  And quite frankly it is amazing. So simple to setup and its obvious they have focused on kodi support a lot.

I have exported 750gb of tv for my sons and will make it available in kodi until tvheadend builds up a good back log of recorded shows

i now have a pi 2 for tvheadend, pi 3 for kodi and an old pi b for a ufdb squid kids internet filter.

My old ubuntu box that used to host mythtv is going into the workshop 🙂

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