Kubuntu 15.04

I have been having all sorts of problems with Unity locking up and generally being really frustrating, especially when used with Eclipse or IntelliJ (Android Studio). I decided to give Gnome a try again. My first impressions of Ubuntu Gnome 15.04 were positive. But it still really bothers me that I have to install extensions to get even basic useability, such as a dock working correctly. Also Soapui still misbehaves with Gnome no matter what I do.

I also found Gnome shell would overload my cpu for no clear reason and I would have to restart it.

I find Gnome minimal approach to be unfriendly.

I decided to give KDE a go again. I used to use KDE a long time ago and liked it. I found myself on Gnome 2 and have stuck with it until it was retired.

My first impressions of Kubuntu (upgraded to KDE 5.3 with back ports ppa) has been nothing short of wow. Sure I don’t have my magical dock anymore, but I am getting used to Windows 7 style menus again and am actually really enjoying KDE.

I like the consistency of the UI and the fact that java apps behave. I also like the fact that I don’t need any extensions to get a basic workflow going.

I am having a bit of fun with systemd, but I would have had the same experience with Ubuntu Gnome 15.04 if I had stayed with it.

I decided to avoid installing any gnome stuff If I could manage it. So I have Krita instead of Gimp and kwalletcli instead of gkeyring.py for my vpnc script.


  • Setting a global http proxy.  I use CNTLM to switch between my work and home, so I hard coded localhost:3128 proxy, so it was pretty easy to do that in /etc/environment, /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/95proxy and in the Proxy tool for rest of KDE.
  • A bug in the kmenuedit where I can’t browse to choose an icon.  https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=346316
  • Can’t use gnome keyring for git integration for pushing to cxf git repo.  I need to figure out how to use the kwallet to do the same.

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